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My True Story

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My life as a webcam Girl...

My name is Lisy, and since I discovered I have power in my vagina, I play with it like a dictator enslaves his people, I enslave my fuck buddy to the fullest.
I am 1.70 high, slim and long red hairs, big breasts, and no fat to much. I have a tender soft ass you can bury your face into.
I love it when people do what I want; they need to pleasure me in all kinds of ways. I give myself the fullest, I do not want to be made a fool, if I have sex, I do everything the man wants, but I want something in return.

My boyfriend network got poor lately and it needed some spicing up. I decided to put my profile up on Adult Friend Finder, they always advertise in our newspaper, so why not give it a go. After my first visit, I have many boys to pick from, but I did not want to lower myself to a slut level. So I decided to chat first with the guys a little more. Many loves seeking guys are showing themselves in their best shape on the chat, so I decided to ask for a Webcam Streaming, so I could enjoy LIVE who I was talking to. I suddenly realized how sexy it was to have cam contact with guys. Within moments, a nice looking young boy was flirting with me, and showing me his naked chest. It was a good-looking guy and he toke the time to put the words in such a way a women could appreciate it.

I started to look more and more at his webcam, I was excited by what I was seeing. This lovely young boy was actually doing his best to please me, and I have to admit, I feel some glowing fire starting up between my legs, it feels like vagina is growing a little cause of the blood streaming to it. My clitoris started to feel like it wanted to get rubbed and touched. I could not help it sliding my hand into my panties and start masturbating my wet vagina. He decided to break the ice “ We can use our microphones and keep our hands free “ … Best idea ever… we opened our mics and decided to go private into our Adult Friend Finder Chat Room, now no one was able to see what we are doing. I told him he was a nice looking boy and I wanted to undress myself. He looked like he won the jackpot; his eyes where opening while I undressed myself and showed him my naked shaved vagina. I touched it with my fingers and started to make little sounds. I suddenly realized I was giving him a live sex show. He unzipped his pants, and he started to undress himself and moved his chair to the back and toke a seat. I had a full view on him jerking himself of on the webcam while looking at my hot sexy body. He told me he was enjoying it, and asked me if he could something in return. I asked him to spread his legs and show me him his ass. I am a fan of sexy asses and wanted to see his parts in full glory. He did what I wanted without asking for a confirmation, he has a attitude of self confidence. He did spread his legs and showed me his full ass, balls and penis, I wanted to lick his ass and feel his balls on my nose.

After many hours on AdultFriendFinder I needed something more hardcore, 1 on 1 and more intimate. I decided to take up the job as fulltime cam model, and entertain the people who like to see my naked body and hot breasts… My red hair is a seller I found out. There are not many red haired girls in this Industry who look as good as I look. I decided to work at cause this seemed the best site ever, and I was not mistaken I found out afterwards.

Not knowing what would happen that day, I started my webcam show in the afternoon after a great breakfast. I was in a hot mood and ready to play with myself and enjoy the gift of nature, orgasms. I opened my legs while zooming in with my webcam to test the view, not knowing 1 member was logged on as soon I was online. This is one of the advantages when you have members who joined your show ones, become a free fan club member of and get 50% discount on my private shows.
“Continue baby, I have added credits to my account and are in private with you now “the voice that suddenly came out of my speakers was warm and romantic. He has a sharp accent, can’t place it from anywhere. The only thing I was hearing is a voice that tells me to continue to play with myself, he sees me, but I do not see him at all.
I opened my mic and allowed him to enjoy my body sounds and moaning. Suddenly he came online with his webcam, and I was pussy to eye with a hot looking blond person. His name is Hans and he is from Germany was on his profile, but I never trust what I read after I know who wrote it. Hans was complete naked and ready to endure a full cyber sex experience with me. He wanted me to turn around and show my ass. He loved to see assholes he told me. From the change of his voice and speed of his breath, I was pleased to observe Hans was going wild on me. A good looking guy who is hot on me, it is the best start for a chemical experiment. How willing is Hans to please my needs? We switch rolls after 20 minutes of ass flashing and finger ass fucking, and I tell him to start jerking off on a very slow tempo. He was not allowed to go any faster or slower. I was his rhythm; I was the only one who could say FASTER or SLOWER.

Hans respected my commands fully. And in the weeks that passed by Hans was often in my free chat room on to cheer me up, or just tell me things about himself….. Every time I see he come in, I get hot and all excited. He knows what I want, he knows I am waiting on it, and he knows I need to release my dominant urges and lusts. Hans likes to play with me a little, he knows I want to see him finger fuck his ass, and see his balls shake from left to right. But Hans is today a little nervous it seems and I find out very fast why this is.

The following next day I get an SMS “ I arrived lets meet “ and that same hour I could hold Hans in my arms and for the first time I felt like a schoolgirl, on a blind date, but knowing who you date with. You already have a chemical relation and you have already seen each others private parts, there is nothing more left then straight hardcore fucking as soon Hans is in my bedroom! While I gave Hans a Jack Daniels, I leaned for over to make sure he was able to see my breasts naked under my blouse I am ready for you Hans, and I am going to fuck your brains out the whole day long. He started to smile as soon he seen my girls and put his hand on his growing spot and started to rub it slowly. While I stood up straight and decided I was enjoying what I was seeing, I started to unbutton my blouse. He was undressing me with his eyes, and while my dress went down and the only thing left where my panties, he leaned forward and lay his hands on my hips, toke my panties and slowly toke them down. “So it is true what they say about red women “and he started kissing my vagina and massaged with his hands my ass. His tong started to lick my clitoris, and from the passion and lust, I felt landing on me like a hawk that picked me up from the sky and takes me for a fly. Hans did not have a good fuck for a long time, I could see that right away. His dick was wet of fluids, and he was steaming like a stallion, but his face was calm and full with love and greed. He wanted to take me. But I wanted to be sure he was going to keep his energy, so first thing I do with my pray is suck their dick, and swallow it all the way. Hans was moaning like a wolf that was groaning in the full moon light. His chest was shocking and his hips made my deep throat him hard, I loved to feel the cock in the back of my head and push his way inside of me. I want to give myself to him and let him know I am here for him. I am his little lust paradise, his princess slut, his naughty little vagina whore who likes to lick and suck everything that Hans is made off. I put him on the bed, and massaged him from top to bottom, and made sure my mouth was always playing with his dick. Ones I was sure Hans was going to explode, I stopped and toke his dick in my hands and hold it off for 10 seconds. His penis was shocking in my hands, and I put my finger in his sperm channel under his penis to make sure no seed would go out, but he would still enjoy an orgasm that lasted 10 times longer the way I suck his penis now.

He made clear I was on time stopping him, and then I started to give him the best blowjob a girl probably has ever given him. I spitted my fluids on his dick, licked it all up in my mouth and swallowed it. We started to go in position 69, and whole I spread my legs to sit on op of his face, he puts his hands on my ass and spreads them and starts licking. “ I want you to do the same now with me “ and I spread his legs and started to wet his balls with my fluids, and then put them to the side so I could slide with my tong into the direction if his anus. And while doing this, I go with my tong up and down and make sure that the inner side of his penis starts shocking of lust. Then I slide my tong over his anus to make it wet and soft. I like it wet this time, take my finger, and slide it into his anus. From the sound of his moaning and begging for more, I am speeding up my finger fucking and press my vagina in his mouth to make sure he licks and eats my pussy.

With my left hand I was stroking his dick and with my right hand I was making his anus go hot and in my mouth his dick, and suddenly his dick started to grow, and his shocking intensive. I knew this moment would come, and it would be just a start of a long night with a whole lot of body explorations. I have Hans in my house, he is my pray, and he still thinks he is my master. But I own his dick and I make it cum like I want it. And now I want it in my mouth. I was to feel his warm seed in my throat, and spread it out over my lips… His orgasms was way bigger then I expected, his dick grow massive and felt like wood, his seed forced his way into my mouth and his moaning turned into a relieving sound of 10 wolves crying into the moon. His seed was streaming over my mouth, and I softly toke Hans to my bathroom and made sure he could fuck me under the shower and we could clean up for round 3 in my living room while watching the night turn into day…

The following day Hans woke up early enough to serve me breakfast on bed. I was happy to see him and he was happy to be with me. In the months that followed, we exchanged more cam sessions on and intensified our relationship.
He will be here this weekend again, and this time we are going to explore his ass with a nice vibrator I found for him. Moreover, we start then position 69 with him on top while he can force his dick in my mouth and lick my pussy while I can play with his ass this time.

Thank you AdultFriendFinder for bringing Hans and me together © Tjeezers 2003-2010